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+ Whole a lot of SBS + by Cerberyusu
+ Whole a lot of SBS +
Beeweeerrr. As I said I wouldn't be updating dA much, it still didn't mean that I'd completely stop.

If no one knows what this is, there are some few selected panels from my comic Songs Beneath Stars, from pages that will update pretty soon after New Year. (still not telling where it exactly is. it's a new baby, just growing up!!)
It's not much or too great, but I've been pretty happy with it. The style varies and evolves nicely and it's already significantly different from the first pages. And MAN have I learned a lot about "mass-production drawing" over all.
I just had to start playing Skyrim again, watch Viking documentaries and Vikings just to learn more about the environment... Not that I'm complaining. It's a decent way to be unemployed. :'(

Oh oh and I'll have chapter 1 done perhaps before New Year. Maybe. I have no idea because this chapter is already going to be about 20-30 pages longer than originally intended. In total almost 100 pages. Holy cow @_@
Songs Beneath Stars: The Crew of Ten by Cerberyusu
Songs Beneath Stars: The Crew of Ten
That's a few. Here's a brief explanation of them all, from left to right:

Hilima: The Spearfighter. The only female in the company, and she is a finn. Can somehow understand the others but doesn't talk to the norsemen. Uses a spear. Trusted by Hoskuld and Olaf.

Onni: The Protector. Travels with Hilima, and is also a finn. Onni has almost no understanding of norse language so Hilima passes the information that she can understand. Uses a sword, but mostly he rams with his gigantic, reinforced shield. Trusted by Hoskuld and Olaf.

Asgautr: The Ambitious. Young dual-blade wielder. Very ambitious to gain glory as a warrior and is pretty greedy. Very outgoing, charming guy. Doesn't like to use shields or battleaxes. He tries to seduce Hilima every now and then, but fortunately for him Hilima doesn't catch the flirt.

Hati: The Storyteller. Worthless addition for the company. Doesn't know how to fight, but he entertains the lot with stories and songs, and the crew generally likes him. Wouldn't be allowed on board if it weren't for Sköll.

Ragnar: The Veteran. He is half-blind, but still is a fierce fighter. He knows how to use swords, shields and spears but prefers his massive scythe-like axe. Very grumpy and strict old person, and protects Evan most of all. Old friends with Hoskuld.

Sköll: The Adventurous. Youngest fighter of the company, taken in for his lust for adventure and fight. Wouldn't come along without Hati. Has a great respect for Hoskuld and Ragnar, but doesn't trust Evan.

Evan: The Scottish Mute. Traveled with Ragnar from other country. Very skilled with a bow and he has very sharp eyes. No one is sure if he can't talk or if he just wont talk.

Kris: The Lollygagger. A skilled fighter, loves food, beer and laughter over everything. Has a good sense of humor but he doesn't trust the Finns so much.

Olaf: The Moneyman. He had the ship built, and recruited the crew. Doesn't know how to fight so he stays out of any clash. Hoskuld's younger brother. Seeks consult from his mother before deciding where to sail next.

Hoskuld: The Leader. Silent, strong and gigantic man, old friends with Ragnar. Very strict person especially for the youngest ones, Hati, Asgautr and Sköll. Knows how to fight with any weapon given to him, and he isn't afraid of anything. Olaf's older brother.
+ Songs Beneath Stars Coverart + by Cerberyusu
+ Songs Beneath Stars Coverart +
Time is nigh and 13.10 is that dreadful day when Songs Beneath Stars actually goes online, so I have yet a week to ponder, marvel, stress and panic. And try to learn some poetic big words because obviously english is not my first language.

I know it's not a big deal, but for a WAY-too-perfectionist-scared-person this feels a bit nightmarish. (haha that's a pun because I don't sleep now, my body is being stupid)

But I'm happy with the cover... It's the first time I can myself actually feel something fresh and otherwordly. Is that a good thing? I think it's a good thing, and nice, too.

I won't be active on dA much since it just doesn't work for me anymore. The feel here is dusty and I really need some new air. In the end I have been here half of my conscious living now that I think of it.
  • Mood: Questionable
I don't know what to feel.

I'm a bit stressed to be somewhat honest.

Comic Songs Beneath Stars has proceeded according to plans and I have been a bit early on it, but now I'm a bit worried I'll be lagging behind. I hate being late.

AH-HAH-HAH perhaps I should retire to script details for a moment since I have absolutely no passion to draw.
SBS: Pageys by Cerberyusu
SBS: Pageys
whoopy, worked on the intropages yesterday for Songs Beneath Stars and here are some.

I realized that I'll have hell of a hurry if I want to stay on schedule... I have to travel for a few days which I totally forgot about. + I didn't put the intropages on the original schedule so they are kind of a problem right now. :B


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